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Number One phone center service is provided by TRENDPASS Ltd, the leader of voice services  dedicated to small businesses, callshops and local resellers .

Our service is used by +2500 phone centers in Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Ireland, UK, Germany,Cyprus,Greece , some African countries and Latin America.

All routes used are of the highest quality using direct interconnects with the In Country Operators and PTT’s. This helps ensure the best voice quality at competitive rates, who generate longer conversation times, more revenues and customer satisfaction.

Our pay-as-you-go model gives you the opportunity to make profit, very fast, with no complicated agreements or restrictive credit departments. Also we offer different methods of payment adapted by country. We can offer free test of our service, and if you will be satisfied, we will continue, if not, no, you will not have any obligations.

With  our portal, you will have access to history of calls, recharges and balance in real time. Also all of our customer will have the following services included: Fax,SMS, Webphone and International Mobile Top Up, who can generate additional benefits.

We assists many of local in- country communications resellers, call shop owners and entrepreneurs with a VoIP business in a box with no contractual obligations and at one low start-up cost.

On my initial contact with Number One, I was impressed by the sound quality and especially by the always attentive technical assistance. Quick and easy start-up assistance, remote control, call and sales history, rate management flexibility, etc. A reliable service for the client.

Abdoulaye Coulibaly, Torino, Italy

The experience with Number One is great. Quality is excellent with no complaint at reasonable cost for most destination

Raoul Silvestris, Malaga, Spain

Number One offers exceptional mix of high quality termination with competitive rates all around. Responsive customer service and tech support are also included; altogether, making Number One the best of breed

Kabir Nayar , Dublin,Ireland